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Iolla Slip-on Sneakers - Khaki

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Experience the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and versatility with the Solessy Iolla Slip-on Sneakers. Crafted to adapt to the rhythm of your life, these sneakers will make you rethink the boundaries of everyday footwear.

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Solessy Iolla Slip-on Sneakers

The Solessy Iolla Slip-on Sneakers will hug your feet like a second skin.
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All-Day Natural Comfiness

Our unique ergonomic porous insole provides refreshing comfort that lasts all day. Soft and plush, it ergonomically cradles your feet with gentle softness as if you’re walking on pillows. The luxurious softness and flexibility of the insole ensure unmatched comfort for your feet.

Support In Every Step

The soft, cushiony insole feels like a cloud under your feet, and the sturdy outsole provides exceptional shock absorption, taking the sting out of every step. With an ultra-grip design, you’re secure and stylish, even on the slickest city streets.

Freedom For Your Feet

These shoes are a breath of fresh air for wide feet, offering the freedom they crave and the natural movement they deserve. Feel the positive difference as this design encourages healthier blood circulation, translating into happier feet and a happier you.

Feather-Light Feel

Made with airy-light materials, these sneakers are designed to lift your spirit and lighten your step. Whether you’re conquering the day’s to-dos or chasing after dreams, these shoes ensure nothing holds you back.

Style Made Effortless

Just slip these sneakers on and you’re ready to take on the world. Embrace the ease of style with shoes that understand your dynamic lifestyle and cater to it perfectly. Say goodbye to wasted moments and hello to effortless chic.

Stay Fresh All Day

Made with breathable fabric, these sneakers ensure your feet feel as good as they look, no matter what your day brings. The innovative design promotes airflow, offering a refreshing coolness that keeps you comfortable from morning to night.

From Day To Night

Designed to transition effortlessly from your morning coffee runs to evening city strolls, these sneakers are your ultimate fashion ally. Their chic minimalist design and sleek silhouette align with any outfit, elevating your style for any occasion.

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49 reviews for Iolla Slip-on Sneakers – Khaki

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  1. Sarah R.

    I’ve had these sneakers for over 6 months and they are still in great condition and so comfortable. I’m on my feet most of the day at work. And when I get home, my feet don’t hurt!

  2. Sandy R.

    I use these shoes for everyday wear. They’re sooooo comfy and easy to put on. I have severe arthritis, and it is hard for me to tie shoes. I can’t believe how easy it is to slip on and go! thank you so much Solessy!!!!

  3. Kari M.

    These are all I wear now. I have several colors. I wear them when I exercise, walk the dog or go out. I retire older pairs for doing yard work.

  4. Deanna W.

    Love how easy they are to slip on your feet, with NO tying! Comfortable, and very wearable! True to size!

  5. Beth T.

    I ordered these with low expectations. I have a terrible time with shoes. When I put them on, it felt like my feet were encased in two clouds. I can also just step right into them when I need to leave the house. They don’t make my feet feel too hot or claustrophobic. These are my new favorite shoes ever.

  6. Paula E.

    I have been wearing these sneakers for a couple of weeks now and these are what I wear 90% of the time! I like them over slippers, I wear them to the store, I still have my running shoes, but these are so much more convenient!

  7. Kathy B.

    These sneakers are fantastic. Recently went on vacation and walked over 25,000 steps a day in them. Not only are they comfortable, but they are stylish as well. Will definitely be getting a second pair.

  8. Mariah R.

    Perfect fit, comfortable, and stylish enough for a business casual dress code. I will be ordering a second pair in a new color.

  9. Renee S.

    These are my first shoes from Solessy, but OMG so comfortable! Looking to buy some more!

  10. Denise S.

    Bought for a friend. Fit her perfectly. Easy to get slip-on. Very comfortable and easy to care for. Good price also. Recommend to anyone looking for comfortable slip-on shoes.

  11. Julie R.

    I was looking for a walking shoe like this one. Because my feet and ankle sometimes swell, I wanted a slip-on one that was comfortable and easy on, and easy off. Just what I needed.

  12. Marge A.

    Oh my goodness… These are AMAZING!! I suffer from flat feet and have a difficult size but these shoes are like walking on clouds! Offer excellent support, clean up easily, and look great! I can wear these ALL day without my feet getting sore or tired… And that’s HUGE!! I loved my first pair so much that I bought a second pair!!

  13. Riley L.

    I need shoes that move with me, and these sneakers are just perfect! They are not just practical and comfortable, but incredibly stylish too. They’ve become my go-to for every shoot.

  14. Clara R.

    The spacious toe box and breathability of these shoes are fantastic. They allow my feet to relax and breathe. Iolla’s are perfect for my lifestyle.

  15. Olivia H.

    From teaching to playground duty, these sneakers have my back. They’re so comfortable, and the breathable design keeps my feet fresh all day.

  16. Lauren T.

    For years I’ve struggled to find shoes that fit my wide feet and are stylish. The Iolla slip-on sneakers are like they were tailor-made for me! I love the comfortable & roomy toe box that doesn’t squeeze my feet. LOVE IT!

  17. Anne M.

    These shoes are so comfortable. The first time I put them on, I wore them all day with no problems at all. They’re my “go-to” casual shoe for the summer.

  18. Hannah M.

    These are the best walking shoes I’ve ever owned! They’re great for running after my toddler, and they look fantastic. I’ve received so many compliments!

  19. Sophia D.

    As a fashion blogger, I have a cupboard full of shoes, but the Iolla Slip-On Sneakers have a special place. They’re incredibly stylish and go with almost everything in my wardrobe. But what really blew me away was their comfort – it’s like walking on air!

  20. Eliza G.

    The shoe fits perfectly well and it is very comfortable. I stand for over 12 hours 6 days a week and the shoe is exactly what I need to help get me through the day. Great buy.

  21. Chloe H.

    The Iolla Slip-on Sneakers have made a real difference in my life. No more sore feet at the end of a long day. They are my new best friends.

  22. Betty S.

    Bought these for Disneyland… amazing! Felt like I was walking on clouds!! I was able to walk 20k steps and not have sore feet (which is unheard of for me)!!!

  23. Andrea T.

    These shoes came out of the box and onto my feet with no problem at all… perfect fit and SO comfortable.

  24. Zoe E.

    Every detail of these sneakers screams comfort and style. From the bouncy sole to the easy slip-on design, they’re perfection in a shoe.

  25. Bianca N.

    My go to shoes. Stable and comfortable. I’ve tried other shoes and always go back to these.

  26. Grace C.

    Love, love, love these sneakers! The cushiony sole is heavenly, and the versatile design means they work with my entire wardrobe. I can’t recommend them enough.

  27. Tanya S.

    Highly recommend. Lightweight, good support, perfect for all-day walking adventures. My feet swelled up from the plane/heat/all day walking and these shoes were a lifesaver! I’ve had them for a little over 2 weeks, wore them fresh out of the box for a vacation, and had no blisters or problems.

  28. Mike C.

    My wife wanted a lightweight, nice-looking, styling, comfortable shoe. So I ordered these for her. She loved them as soon as she tried them on! They are comfortable and can be worn immediately with no breaking-in period.

  29. Asi M.

    Got these as a gift for my mom. She loves them and says they’re so comfortable and she wears them every day. Easy to slip on and they don’t cause her any pain. She is flat-footed and she enjoys them.

  30. Mia I.

    Being on my feet all day, I need shoes that offer real comfort and support. The Iolla Slip-on Sneakers are just that. My feet have never felt better.

  31. Casey A.

    I just don’t want to bend down to put on shoes anymore which is not an easy value to uphold when it comes to sneakers, until these came along. I wear them for long walks with the dog, they’re perfect for traveling. They go with most clothes. And they’re durable too!!!

  32. Emma S.

    I thought I’d never find a shoe that could keep up with my busy life, but the Iolla Slip-on Sneakers did just that. Lightweight and super comfortable, I literally live in them!

  33. Dana N.

    Could not believe how comfortable these were the first time I put them on. Now after a couple of weeks, they still feel like walking on cushions. Very glad I bought them!!!

  34. Lucy U.

    These shoes are perfect for my active lifestyle. They are supportive, comfortable, and surprisingly lightweight. My days out have never been better.

  35. Ella L.

    As someone who values style and comfort equally, I’m obsessed with these sneakers. They add a chic touch to every outfit, and I can stand in them all day without any discomfort.

  36. Sissy F.

    The most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn! Love that you can just slip on on your way out the door and slip off when you return, keeping the outdoors out.

  37. Norah N.

    I have wider feet, so it’s sometimes difficult to find truly comfortable women’s shoes. These sneakers are good-looking, lightweight, super comfortable, and really easy to get in & out of. They’re my very favorite casual shoe right now. Love them so much, I bought an extra pair!

  38. Amanda R.

    I work as a hotel receptionist, so I am constantly on my feet, and I can honestly say I’ve never found a pair of shoes as comfortable as these Iolla Slip-On Sneakers. The cushiony sole feels like a dream and the easy slip-on design is a lifesaver during my busy shifts.

  39. Emma S.

    The best fit I’ve had in a shoe. I have very wide feet and bunions and can’t find any nice-looking shoes. I will definitely buy more pairs.

  40. Ann D.

    This is a comfortable shoe for walking or other light exercise. It provides enough support without looking like an athletic shoe. I can go from a strength training class to a lunch date without changing shoes. I would buy this again.

  41. Angela J.

    I needed a shoe that was very comfortable and sturdy. At work, I’m on my feet about 7 hours a day. Not only was this shoe extremely comfortable and well-made, it was reasonably priced! I will definitely buy more pairs!

  42. Ava G.

    I’m constantly moving at work, and these sneakers keep me going. They’re easy to slip on, breathable, and super stylish. Total win-win!

  43. Cali R.

    I love, love, love, these shoes. They are very comfortable and easy to slip on and off!!!

  44. Sarah T.

    I’ve never gotten so many questions about a pair of shoes! The Iolla Slip-on Sneakers are my secret weapon for fashionable comfort.

  45. Sophie O.

    These sneakers are a game changer. The ergonomic comfort is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and they look amazing with everything! I’ve just ordered my second pair.

  46. Gianna N.

    These are the most comfortable sneakers!!! I love them!!!

  47. Maddison P.

    I literally want to live in the Iolla Slip-on Sneakers ever since I got them. Soooo cute and comfy!

  48. Adrienne H.

    The shoe is very lightweight. It is very comfortable but still provides the necessary support. The added bonus is that they slip on without hands!!

  49. Lily A.

    These shoes are a perfect blend of style and functionality. The cushioned sole provides excellent support for long hours on-site, and they still look sleek for client meetings.

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